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INBAAN Philosophy

Time to Change Your Living. Homemade for Life.

The biggest challenge hit us hard since the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 virus. It is the alarm to us to look back what did we do to ourselves and also to the world.

It is time to change.


From personal habits physically like healthy food & skincare or mentally like exercises & meditation or treating the world on how to reduce pollution by having sustainable living style.


INBAAN is here to work together with you.

INBAAN = in house

“BAAN” original meaning “house” in Thai, and InBAAN is a brand aims to set up a “New Age Community” as the destination for all different products produced in house. The products are hand-picked for healthy living style with natural ingredients for food, snacks, sauces, drinks etc. Every product from different house has its own story but with the same philosophy of strengthening the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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