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Land of Coconut – How coconut versatile in Thai traditional food

Coconut is considered as one of the tropical fruits in Thailand because it is available all year. When you come to Thailand, especially in the sea cities, you will definitely see coconut trees along the beach. Why can coconut be easily found in Thailand? – Because the temperature and soil conditions are suitable for cultivation, so it is no wonder why you can find coconut is one of the ingredients in Thai traditional food.

Let’s get started to know more about how Thais use each part of coconuts to cook…

Have you ever eaten Green Curry, Tom Kha Kai, or Ka Nom Jean Nam Ya? – All these menus have coconut milk as one of the important ingredients to make curry. The coconut milk that has been mentioned comes from extracting finely grated, mature, coconut flesh. The mature coconut flesh will be used as it is squeezed into a rich milk, and that coconut milk or in Thai we call “Nam Ka Thi” will be used as an important ingredient in each curry. If you would like to make Green Curry for your dinner, one thing that you have to buy is “Nam Ka Thi”, it will help your dish come out perfectly.

Apart from Nam Ka Thi, there are many Thai traditional foods that are cooked from coconut meat because the meat can give more sweet and oily. However, you can mostly find coconut meat in Thai desserts such as coconut cake, coconut jelly, or Kanom Ba Bin which is a Thai traditional dessert that has a round shape. It is mixing between coconut and flour, then fry it until it has caramelized on. The taste is sweet and has a texture of coconut meat inside.

What’s more!! Every part of coconut can be used in many things in Thai culture including Thai funerals. As we are all familiar with coconut water which can be found inside a young green coconut served as drinks, cocktails including Thai desserts. In Thai traditional funerals, coconut water is used to clean the body face because Thais believe that coconut water is fresh water to make the spirit clean before going to heaven. Besides this culture, Thais also use roots of coconut trees to make traditional handicrafts such as baskets, hats, or even sandals.

All of the above, we can be said that coconut is one of the main fruits in Thailand. Thai people use different parts of the coconut to cook, make dessert, create arts, and use in traditional rituals. According, coconut can grow easily in Thailand, so you can find coconut or food that has coconut is one of the ingredients in every part of Thailand. If you come to Thailand, coconut is a MUST TRY fruit that you have to taste

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