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Ways to Start Cooking with Honey

‘Honey’ as we all know, is a sweet syrup produced by honeybees from the nectar of the flower. We are mostly familiar honey with desserts or granolas, but it can do so much more than that!!

Honey is listed as one of the healthiest ingredients for people who would like to lose weight because honey can give you energy, sugar, and also carbohydrate.

There are so many ways to use honey in your home kitchen in order to make your dishes look more fun and sweet.

How can we apply honey on a routine day…….

Start your morning with hot tea or coffee and give your body some sweet by pouring honey instead of sugar. We suggest you try it with raw honey which will give you complete nutrition in a pure way and also get the difference of scent. According to my childhood that I would like to share, honey with lemon juice is the best to drink in the morning. It will be a good natural detox drink in order to help the excretory system.

There are many desserts which used honey as a main recipe because the caramelized honey can give different taste, texture, and scent from sugar or any other sweet.

Honey baked pears with cinnamon and walnut served with vanilla ice cream

Continually your lunch with fried chicken in the Korean Style? -- Have you ever tried it ? Chicken and honey is a good combination that I never ever thought about before I went to Korean restaurant. We will use honey to marinate the chicken and then fry the chicken until the surface caramelizes. To get a sweet and gentle taste. Sound yummy right? So!! Let’s go to the grocery!!

Hot honey fried chicken

Acai bowl with honey dip sauce for your healthy dinner. We can put granolas, any fruits you love and top with the sweet honey syrup. Açaí bowl is called a superfood because most of the ingredients in the bowl are loaded with wholesome grains and also fill your stomach, too. Thus, it suits to be a dinner or breakfast menu so much.

What’s more? it’s movie time!!!! We can apply honey to our movie snack such as popcorn. The caramel honey popcorn is the best choice to choose for this relaxing time. ENJOY YOUR MOVIES and FINGERS LICKING GOOD with HONEY

We hope these ideas with honey can help you to create more fun for your own manu because honey is one of the ingredients that are beneficial for your health and it can be found easily in the grocery.

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